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five element-based counseling

In general, I believe everyone needs someone in their corner to talk it out with. Sometimes we can spend a little time doing it in acupuncture, but sometimes we need to spend a whole session talking about what is going on while sipping tea. 

I do not consider myself a replacement for work with a LCSW or LPC. However, we can work together on skills-based approaches based on the Chinese and Japanese medical and philosophical concepts of Taoism, Yin Yang theory, Five Elements, Wu Wei, Dharma, Confucianism, and Zen.  

In these sessions, I primarily listen and ask questions, but in the last third of the session, we collaborate on possible approaches to resolve the conflicts in your life and bring about psycho-spiritual harmony. 

Every treatment at Anshin Japanese Acupuncture includes pulse-taking and balancing through a Japanese Meridian Therapy root treatment. 

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