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Your First Appointment

Japanese Meridian Therapy

The acupuncture practiced at Anshin Japanese Acupuncture is slightly different from other acupuncture you may have had. It focuses on palpatory diagnosis and constant real time feedback from the patient's body and symptoms, and emphasizes shallow and non-insertive needle techniques. For patients familiar with Chinese acupuncture, this is very different than the normal technique of inserting needles and leaving the room.  most patients find the quality of interaction refreshing and enjoyable. 

Preparing for Treatment

 The following are important to ensure a good treatment:

  • Wear pants that can come up above the knee and a top that gives reasonable access to your back. Otherwise you may disrobe and lie beneath a blanket. 

  • Eat and drink enough throughout the day before your treatment. Low blood sugar and dehydration combined with acupuncture can lead to dizziness. 

    • We always keep some small snacks on hand for these situations, but they may not meet all dietary requirements. 

Your first appointment will likely be approximately 90 minutes and involve:

  • Some paperwork and a 20-30 minute initial interview (with complimentary tea!)

  • A thorough examination of your pulses, abdomen, and leg lengths

  • A front and back treatment including acupuncture, magnets, hot stones, manual therapy, infrared therapy, and moxibustion (a Japanese herb that is used for heat therapy)

  • Some work on your neck and shoulders

  • Potentially, neuromuscular reset called sotai to correct leg lengths, if needed

  • A discussion of herbal and dietary options

Follow-up appointments are approximately one hour. 

Is acupuncture painful?

Acupuncture should not generally be painful. It is possible for specific points to have strong sensations, including aches or distended feelings. These are usually therapeutic and indicative of the release of muscle tension. If a needle causes sharp pain, you are always invited to say so.

Not all practitioners or acupuncture supplies are built alike, so even if you have had painful needling before (especially from someone who is not a licensed acupuncturist), don't expect this treatment to be uncomfortable.

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