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Dietary Consultation

Your health journey relies on what you put into your body. From keto and paleo to macrobiotic and every permutation in between, everybody is trying to answer the question of the problem of modern eating.


What all diets have in common, however, is the general elimination of hyperprocessed foods. 

In our time together in these sessions, we will plan a month of eating, three square meals plus snacks, in a way that can help you eat clean, nutritious food that is targeted to your constitution and also gives you everything you crave in a wholesome, whole food-based dose so you can feel better without feeling as though you are making a sacrifice for your health. We will take into account any dietary patterns and restrictions you may have! 

For those interested in fasting, intermittent fasting, and time-restricted eating, we can talk about the relative benefits of each and how to go about it. 

In cases where weight loss is an important component of health, we will discuss various methods of weight loss including my professional preference, the MATADOR technique. Finally, for certain cases, I can provide you with what is known as a fasting mimicking diet, which can help with meteoric weight loss and whole body transformation when utilized appropriately. 

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