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Meditation coaching

For real turn-around, nothing helps in the same way as the insight gained from meditation. In meditation, we not only gain clarity on our egos themselves, but on ourselves not as the ego, but as the watcher of the ego. Far more than fancy speech, this is a practical skill that changes the meditator's experience of life. Things don't get better or worse from the outside, but they become clearer and manageable from the inside

From time to time, however, people will tell me things like "I'm no good at meditation," or, insidiously, "[X] is my meditation!" Only meditation is meditation! 

If you are a meditator with a longstanding practice, I am sure we will talk about it and this service is not necessarily for you. 

If you are new to meditation, lapsed in meditation, or feel you have difficulty meditating or making time for it, we can find strategies to make it accessible to you, including discussing styles of meditation and where it could live within your schedule. We will also meditate together twice in a session so we can discuss your experience. 

Meditation Resources

Please note this is not a comprehensive list of local resources, but are resources I have found useful for myself and my patients. 

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