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Treatment at Anshin

crafting your treatment plan

Acupuncture patients typically fit into two categories:


1)There are patients who are well and occasionally have fairly standard issues with colds, the flu, and pain resulting from an obvious circumstance. They may have mild seasonal allergies and normal levels of work stress. They often seek acupuncture for balance and receive seasonal tune-ups and receive herbs and treatment when something goes awry. For these patients, acupuncture and herbs are enough. Being established in my practice is essentially establishing with a PCP for check-ups. 

2) There are some patients who have hard to pin down symptoms and problems who have struggled to find good answers with Western Medicine. They may receive the diagnosis of a syndrome, which helps but doesn't solve much. The use of prescription drugs creates a difficult see-saw effect. Anxiety and depression will usually be part of the experience. There is usually a combination of physical pains that have been hard to treat with all modalities, including trigger point needling, physical therapy, massage, and even acupuncture (even my acupuncture!). Sleep is a moving target, with either sleeping too much or not enough, oftentimes alternating between the two. Oftentimes, these folks turn to East Asian Medicine as a last resort because they feel stuck and like nobody can help them, and oftentimes that nobody is even listening to them.  For this group, we handle things a little differently, offering a 2 month course of treatments building toward true life transformation and that deviate from simply receiving Japanese Meridian Therapy:

Week 1: Initial intake and Japanese Meridian Therapy

Week 2: Five-Element Counseling

Week 3: Sotai and Biomechanical Gait Correction (If required)

Week 4: Meditation Coaching

Week 5: Meridian Therapy

Week 6: Dietary Consultation

Week 7: Feng Shui/Vastu Consultation

Week 8: I Ching Consultation

Week 9: Meridian Therapy and re-evaluation


Week 10 forward, there are four possibilities:

1) Weekly Meridian Therapy

2) Alternating with revisiting previous modalities

3) Beginning to space out treatments as your treatment improves.

For these cases, it is important that we build this rapport and relationship together while investigating and integrating every aspect of your whole person, your mindbody and the forces impacting it. Acupuncture is a catalyst, but in order to create the change it is working toward, it must have the correct raw material! To see if this strategy is right for you, call me at 505-750-2764. 

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